Staff Augmentation

Business needs and client demands dictate how and when you need to hire. We are here to support you during those high growth times when you need a responsive staffing provider to quickly find you great talent at a great price. You get to utilize our robust and skilled recruiting team during your hiring peaks. Plus, during slower hiring periods, we help you reduce costs. Our professionals have expertise in a wide range of enterprise technologies as well as emerging, open source, and legacy skillsets. Their experience spans a wide range of industries and skill subsets, so that you always get the right professional for the job.

Direct Hire Placement

The best direct hires come when agencies take the time to fully understand your company, the skills required, your team dynamics and corporate culture, and your clear objectives. The best way to do that is to do business in person and listen to your needs.

Our team of dedicated account managers and recruiters make sure we understand your company's mission, values, and strategy so that we find people who share your passion and long-term objectives. We then conduct in-depth candidate evaluations that include:
  • Detailed phone and personal interviews
  • Technical skills assessments
  • Salary and employment verifications
  • Full background checks available including criminal, drug, credit, and educational
  • Comprehensive reference checks
Our recruiting professionals extend the reach of your HR department using proven methodologies and an extensive referral network. Our goal is to streamline the hiring process and find critical talent when you have a difficult-to-fill position or your internal hiring team is overwhelmed.